Breakfast Bashers

A third-person tower defense game. You play as a squire sworn to protect the castle from endless waves of evil breakfast foods. The game was completed in June 2016.

My Roles:

  • AI Programer
  • Level Design
  • Gameplay Programer
  • Game Design
  • Audio Engineer


WASD: Move around

Left Click: Attack!/Place buildings (During Intermission)

B (During Intermission): Cycle through buildings

Backspace: Pause Game



Samuel Creelman

  • Gameplay Programming
  • Game Design
  • AI Programming

Kayla Evans

  • Producer
  • Concept Art

Mitchell Bowe

  • Prop Artist
  • Turret Artist

Tavin Christianson

  • Environment Artist
  • UI
  • Voice Actor

Aeriana Bui

  • Character Artist
  • Character Rigger


Ian Rodriguez

  • Environment Artist
  • Animator

Erik Fuchs

  • Character Modeler
  • Character Rigger